Your Project Timeline

So, you’re interested in working with me for your latest project. Now what?

The following is the project “flow” for every new client D3 takes on, though some of the steps may differ depending on what type of project we are working on together.

  1. I send you a Pre-Project Survey to help identify the key needs and goals for your project
  2. You return the Pre-Project Survey which I will review within 24-48 hours of receipt. If additional clarification is needed, I will contact you right away!
  3. An estimate and a Project Plan are drafted based on the Pre-Project Survey and the services you requested.
  4. If you are interested, a meeting is set up (in person or via telephone/Skype) to review the final details for the project and to ensure that your needs are fully understood.
  5. It’s a go! A formal Web Development Agreement and/or Design Agreement (depending on services) will be provided for you to review and approve.
  6. You return the signed and approved agreement with your deposit. Deposits can be made by check, money order, or online via our PayPal portal.
  7. Once your deposit is received/clears, I begin design work right away! Right now you should be working on your content if you haven’t already.
  8. I will set up a DropBox folder for you to share content through, including text, images, logos, etc… that you need me to include on the site.
  9. The design is provided for your review and edited accordingly based on your feedback. Once final design approval is received, we can move on to additional features and content!
  10. The remaining development phases of your project depends on what your needs are. Development can be quick if your content is ready to go, or be delayed if you are still working on it or if there is major programming involved. It is this reason why I do not quote exact time frames for completion, but I promise to always keep you in the loop with status updates!
  11. Your project is nearly complete! You will review the final product and it will be edited accordingly based on your feedback. Once you give it the A-OK a final invoice for services will be provided.
  12. Final payment is received and your site goes live! If you requested any additional services (i.e. training to manage your site) they will be conducted upon receipt of final payment.


Steps for your project may vary based on your response time, specific needs, etc. No guarantees are made or implied by this basic project “flow” example. Please refer to your Web Development Agreement or Design Agreement for all legally binding verbiage.